There is perhaps nothing more comforting than a good pair of slippers for women who have had a long, hard day and spent a lot of it on their feet. After taking a lovely hot bubble bath and grabbing a warm drink, pushing your feet in to a pair of soft, comforting ladies slippers can be a lovely way to unwind. There are so many different styles of women's slippers out there, but you may discover moccasin slippers are an especially comfortable design because they cuddle the entire foot rather than just the toes. You will find all kinds of designer slippers in the Zalando Premium Shop all made from a variety of cosy fabrics. Booty slippers are also growing in popularity and keep a chill off your ankles, often made from knitwear but lined with extra-plush, skin soothing fleece.

Women's designer slippers - For snugly evenings!

If you're looking for the perfect pair of women's designer slippers then you have definitely come to the right place because here at Zalando, we offer free shipping and returns and because we have a 100 day return policy if your slippers don't offer you the comfort that you expect or are not quite the right size for you, then there is plenty of time to return them and find the perfect pair. We also have a free hotline 0203 059 8139 to deal with enquiries and if you order your slippers today then you can expect them to arrive at your door in just a few days.For that extra cosy feeling, get a pair of great designer slippers for women today!