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Slip-ons - black POST_SLON_LTEL - Slip-ons - black 1755 ANDREW CIPR - Smart slip-ons - cavallo nero Slip-ons - blue navy/nero Moccasins - black POSTCARD MOSCOW - Slip-ons - grey SLIT - Espadrilles - green SLIT - Espadrilles - darkgreen Slip-ons - black Smart slip-ons - black Slip-ons - black SLIT - Espadrilles - navy SMART TASSEL LOAFER - Moccasins - blue Slip-ons - dark red TENNIS - Slip-ons - calf black Smart slip-ons - elba castagna Moccasins - grey MARCEL - Smart slip-ons - incas paso/ softy chestnut/ebano POST_SLON_LTEL - Slip-ons - white TOUCHE - Smart slip-ons - honey MARS SLIPON - Slip-ons - red SLIPON CUPSOLE - Slip-ons - black CARLSUN 2 - Moccasins - tan POSTCARD MOSCOW - Slip-ons - red DOUGGE - Smart slip-ons - brown CARLSUN 2 - Moccasins - dark blue NOTHING MORE - Slip-ons - grau LA - Slip-ons - grau DOUGGE - Smart slip-ons - dark blue POSTCARD MOSCOW - Slip-ons - blue LA - Slip-ons - blue NERAR - Slip-ons - black/gold Slip-ons - ocean/nero JOCKER - Smart slip-ons - black VELVET - Slip-ons - black Smart slip-ons - testa di moro Slip-ons - nero AVALON - Slip-ons - nero Smart slip-ons - elba coco black Slip-ons - bordeaux VELCRO MONK - Slip-ons - plum OMARR - Slip-ons - dark navy TWIST MOCC - Moccasins - black Slip-ons - nero POST - Slip-ons - black MARIN - Moccasins - black ESPERA - Espadrilles - black/green IVAN - Moccasins - toffee POST SLON - Slip-ons - white Slip-ons - cobalt blue Slip-ons - navy MIKE PRATO GESSO - Slip-ons - sella HICKLETON - Moccasins - taupe Smart slip-ons - brown Smart slip-ons - brown Smart slip-ons - cognac Slip-ons - black Smart slip-ons - black Smart slip-ons - cognac Smart slip-ons - taupe

While there is something inherently sophisticated about traditional men's designer loafers, they have enjoyed a massive resurgence in recent years, which has seen new and exciting takes on the footwear staple. Classic loafers are characterised by leather finishes and black or brown tones, and these choices remain a popular way to add a hint of smart vintage appeal to an outfit. With the latest runway collections channelling a diverse array of trends, men's designer loafers are also a fresh way to add interest to a casual look like jeans or denim shorts. From printed canvas slip-ons and smart leather styles to lace-up moccasins in bright block shades and boat shoes with a nautical accent, any look can be achieved with men's designer loafers.

Go smart and sophisticated or vibrant and edgy with men's designer loafers

No business suit or formal outfit is complete without a sleek and sophisticated pair of men's designer loafers. Choose patent black leather or chocolate tones for ultra-versatility, or go with a clean matte finish for a more relaxed approach. Add a contemporary twist to your favourite jeans with a pair of printed men's designer loafers, and opt for retro motifs, bold stripes, citrusy shades and tropical prints for added impact. Tread the line between casual and smart with a pair of distressed moccasins or slip-ons in a suede finish, while a traditional pair of men's designer loafers with a contrasting sole is a subtle way to freshen up the look.