Workwear gets stylish with our collection of men's designer laptop bags. Crafted in fine fabrics, sartorially styled and oozing elegance, our designer laptop bags for men are exactly what you need to look like a pro.

Classic men's designer laptop bags

Stay classy and understated in your accessories and invest in a black laptop bag that will work across your office wardrobe. Briefcase style men's designer laptop bags sit well with traditional black suits and elegant trench coats. Reinvent your work wear with casual touches that you can mix with your staple suit, think v-neck sweatshirts layered between shirts and blazers, brogues worn with coloured socks, and trousers turned up at the hem. Complement the look with a casual laptop bag, one with a strap is perfect to nonchalantly sling across your shoulder.

Statement style in men's designer laptop bags

Bring your menswear to life with a splash of colour, and look to men's designer laptop bags that provide an alternative to black. Brown stays elegant but with a vintage edge, perfect to carry with skinny fit pinstripe suits in navy or grey. Punctuate the look with smart accessories, such as lapel pins, tie bars and cufflinks. Elegant luxurious tones are masterfully utilised by designers to bring some colour to your accessories, deep burgundy reds and slate greys are a popular diversion from black and brown, and they're ideal if you prefer a work uniform of corduroy trousers or chinos, matched with coloured shirts and blazers.

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