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Polo Ralph Lauren keeps its crown as the ruler of fashion

Can you go anywhere on earth where people don't know the name Ralph Lauren? Polo Ralph Lauren is the legendary designer's premium division, so it can only be the very best of the very best. If you're after impeccable styling, remarkable fits and unassailable quality, look no further.

A truly iconic take on men's fashion

Polo Ralph Lauren men's range looks as classic and original today as it did when it was launched. A top tip for putting together any look is to start with a polo shirt. White, black, grey and navy blue are versatile colours that go with almost anything, so they're great for mixing and matching. You could always go with pastel shades for a more casual vibe. A long-sleeved polo is better in cooler weather, and ensures you stand out in a crowd – for all the right reasons.

Go a little more formal with a button-down shirt, or tone things down with a tee. We love using a crew-neck jumper that shows off a classic collar. A V-neck will draw the eye down to your whole outfit. Accessorise with a logo beanie or belt to put the icing on the cake.

Slim-fit trousers pair perfectly with these options, and they keep the silhouette slender and long. Go with a dark pair to contrast light tops, and lighter-tones to emphasise dark tees and shirts. A few pairs of well-cut shorts are essential for any man's wardrobe, too. Khaki goes well with almost anything, so it's a great place to start.

Women's clothes with a sporty, stylish twist

Launched in 2014, the Polo Ralph Lauren women's range is no less stylish or well-crafted than its male counterpart. We absolutely adore the shapely knitted jumpers in a wide range of colours, which of course sport the iconic horse-and-rider logo. These tops provide a wonderful starting point for any outfit, as they can be endlessly and effortlessly combined with jeans, shorts, skirts, shirts, tees and all manner of accessories.

If you want to turn heads, a dress is the way to do it. A day dress makes a clear style statement, diverging from the norm by buttoning all the way down. Combine it with boots to project a powerful presence. A maxi dress cuts a more traditional, elegant silhouette, and radiates glamour. A trim jersey dress strikes the perfect balance between modernity, practicality and femininity. Consider complementary colours when choosing a bag and jewellery to elevate your look.

Ralph Lauren – fuelled by his love of fashion and polo – started his company in 1967 by selling men's ties out of a drawer. Today, Polo Ralph Lauren is one of the world’s best-known fashion brands. Its instantly recognisable, iconic logo is synonymous with class, quality and contemporary chic.

Keep your kids clothed in classic kit

Looking to keep your little ones up-to-date with the latest looks? Polo Ralph Lauren has you covered. Mirroring the style of the adult lines, polo shirts are a great place to start for boys. There are loads of classic block-colour jumpers in the range, perfect for keeping them warm while making sure their fashion is on point. Both are equally important, as we know. Hats are a fun way to cap their outfits off.

For girls, there are loads of cute dresses to choose from. Think polka dots, floral patterns and horizontal stripes. Match with an adorable pair of shoes, and accessorise with a trendy backpack that’s as pretty as it is practical.