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Pieces to die for

Take a step back from pretence and get ready to de-complicate your wardrobe. Pieces is all about basics. Because if you can get these right, the rest will follow. If you want simplicity, elegance and unfettered joy, then look no further and start upgrading your wardrobe staples.

Straightforward, stylish and stand-out clothes

The brand's blouses and tunics are essential. Flowing fits, comfortable craftsmanship, and alluring colours and prints bring the range to life. Button-downs give a more formal, slightly masculine edge. Pair with jeans for a classic laid-back look, or go with high-waisted trousers for a more metropolitan feel. Ankle pants are seriously in, and we're all about it.

A day dress projects casual, breezy vibes. Find a belt to cinch your silhouette, and accent with shoes and a bag that highlight your colours of choice. Maxi dresses are perfect for special events.

In cold weather, get cosy with colourful patterned knits. Classic coats are where it's at right now: long and powerful. Cardigans are our personal favourites for mixing and matching, as they're so versatile.

Pieces was founded near the start of the millennium, which explains its thoroughly modern outlook. Drawing inspiration from its Scandinavian roots and feminist attitude, the brand offers clothes to inspire, elevate and empower women to be independent, and to look good while they're doing it.

Footwear that's as freeing as it is comfortable

As with everything, when it comes to shoes, Pieces is all about finding the perfect balance between good looks and good sense. The answer? Ankle boots. As glamorous as they are at home in an everyday outfit, we think that they're perfect for the modern woman. If you're looking to make a statement, snakeskin and leopard-print patterns are designed to dazzle. More muted colours let other pieces speak louder; black, grey and brown are classics for a reason. We just love the strong, supple leatherwork, too.

With trainers, we're all about thick platform soles. These elevate your profile and look good to boot. Speaking of boots, warmly lined winter boots give off cosy vibes. And when the weather's warm, mules are the order of the day. There are loads of bright, brazen colours available that we're totally into.

One of the things we absolutely love about this brand is its commitment to sustainability in fashion. It's a key member of the BCI – which stands for Better Cotton Initiative – an organisation dedicated to improving the conditions for the producers of cotton, as well as minimising their environmental impact.

Accessories that make all the difference

Pieces has a range of accessories that can equip you for any occasion. First up, jewellery is a must. Combi necklaces are a great way to add detail to any outfit. A simple cross is truly iconic. For earrings, hoops are all the rage right now and are a feminine classic. Go for something more ornate and dangly when you need to make an impression.

You're going to need a bag wherever you go. We love cross-body bags, which have all the functionality of a handbag but an extra element of practicality. Pieces' range caters for all tastes, whether you're into block colours, black or snakeskin. Try matching the finish to your shoes for a really put-together vibe.

When the weather's chilly, you'll want to stock up on scarves, beanies and mittens. Match them to each other to really please aesthetically. Brighter accessories bring darker outfits to life, and vice versa.