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Imagine you have been given the task of sorting, arranging and cataloguing a shoe rack which, over the years, has accumulated over 26,000 different pairs of shoes? This fictional conundrum is the basis for the new Zalando infographic which was designed for the very purpose of assisting the avid shoe shopper in tricky shoe decisions!

The Periodic Table of Shoes concept arose when Zalando was presented with the question of how to represent the complete range of women's shoes in one recognisable graphic. The process of tackling this dilemma began with a thorough inventory of the vast array of shoes available on the Zalando website. Once this was complete, the shoe-related research for information, facts, trivia and truths began. Brainstorming ensued, think-tanks were conducted and, with a little intuition and a lot of imagination, the Periodic Table of Shoes idea was born!

The table was designed so that it is simple, uncomplicated and easy to read. It was an ideal choice as it shows how shoes, like elements in the periodic table, can be arranged and grouped according to similarities and differences. The first step involved identifying and defining common shoe styles (from ankle boots to wedge boots to wellies!) and assigning each with an appropriate colour. As is the norm for a periodic table, each cell was arranged based on physical properties and contained information pertaining to the select shoe, making shoe selection a true science!.

The second part of the infographic focuses on two main attributes common to every shoe - comfort and elegance. The innovative graphical representation is easy to follow and allows for easy navigation within the Zalando catalogue, as well as helping you choose which shoe type might be the best for a quiet night in on the sofa vs. lasting all night on the dancefloor! Sandwiched in between is some shoe trivia about some of the categories in the upper table - who knew that Audrey Hepburn can be held responsible for our continued love affair with the classic ballet pump?

The Periodic Table of Shoes was a fun project that also creates value for Zalando customers! We hope you'll have fun using it to choose your next pair of shoes at For even more shoe inspirations check out the links below.