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Put a little spring in your step with PEP

It's time to inject a little flair into your wardrobe. PEP's prints, patterns and brightly-coloured designs are sure to turn heads, wherever you go. This is high-spirited high street fashion for the people that are as bold and energetic as you could want, but which never loses its sense of tasteful style. 

Rediscover the joys of fashion

Channel youthful, fun-focused energy with PEP. A great place to start putting together an outfit is with a blouse. Light, comfortable and versatile, these pair perfectly with most other clothes, in nearly any situation or environment. Choose a subtle floral print to let other elements of your outfit shine, or go with one of the bolder, blockier and more eye-catching designs if you're in the mood to dazzle. Countless colours, cuts and combinations counterpoint and complement clothing of all kinds.

There are racks of gorgeous dresses on offer, too. We love the laidback warm weather vibes a day dress gives off. Go with black for classic slinky vibes, and pair with understated gold jewellery and bags with gold accenting for a sophisticated finish. A print demands more artistic accompaniments, think bangles and sandals. Alternatively, a shirt dress lends you a looser silhouette with harder angles. While this cut offers a more masculine, punky edge, you can work belts, bags and other pieces into your heart's content, letting you really make the look your own

PEP was founded in 1965 in South Africa, and quickly became one of the country's best-known clothing retailers. Today, it operates nearly 4,000 stores across the world, which supply high quality, good-looking, affordable gear to tuned-in fashion lovers, wherever on the planet they might be.

Keep them on their toes and guessing what you’ll wear next

PEP clothes belong outside the box. Make a statement with stripy pink short trousers. These bloom towards the leg, widening your silhouette the lower you go, so a minimal top is the perfect pairing here; dark colours contrast the rosy hue nicely. Darker, longer tracksuit trousers are less likely to draw the eye and dominate the outfit, so you can put the emphasis elsewhere while maintaining an overall sleekness.

That's not all. Think mini skirts and pencil skirts, prints for fun and more sombre colour schemes to make an indelible impression. Top off your look with a classic coat.