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Pedro Miralles is a high fashion brand that began life in Elche, Alicante as a modest shoe factory, dedicated to providing quality footwear for the domestic market. The label proved highly popular in Spain and in the early 1990's, the company began to explore the international market. It was when the founder's youngest daughter, Ampara joined the team in the late 90's however that the label's beautiful shoes really came to the attention of fashion lovers. Pedro Miralles women's shoes appeared in numerous fashion publications, and Ampara also developed the brand's corporate identity through advertising. Each eagerly awaited collection is a blend of high quality, traditional workmanship, contemporary design and exceptional materials. Glamorous and modern, Pedro Miralles women's heels are the essence of this iconic and highly sought after label.

Stylish and elegant Pedro Miralles shoes

Following a period of modernisation in the 1990's, the company continued to expand and is now a major presence in the high end footwear market in over 40 countries. Pedro Miralles women's shoes are designed for a chic, cultured clientele who appreciate international trends in fashion and also demand comfort and quality. The brand has won numerous awards and Pedro Miralles women's sandals and footwear appear regularly in a number of international fashion magazines. Each pair of shoes and sandals is made to the highest specifications using superior grade leather and other materials, and can be worn in prestigious settings with ease. Details such as a beautiful trim on a heel or the perfect buckle have become a feature, and the popularity of the label increases with every new collection. You can see some of the best examples of Pedro Miralles footwear at uk where our team has put together an inspired selection.

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