If your favourite shoes are all about the style and less about the comfort, give them a blister-free makeover with Pedag. For the last 50 years, the German company has been creating insoles and shoe trees to help us always put our best foot forward.

Pedag: exceptional comfort every day

Improve the fit of your shoes (and add an irresistible layer of squish to your footwear) with Pedag. On your feet all day? Choose a pair of insoles from the range and place inside your trainers or slip-ons - we bet you’ll forget you’re even wearing them. When it’s time to get down to business in your 9-to-5, choose a transparent pair of insoles from Pedag that won’t show from outside your oh-so-professional loafers or dress shoes. Ladies, pair yours with a secretary-chic pencil dress, or go for an androgynous look with relaxed culottes and a white pussy-blow blouse tucked in. Whether you’re running from meeting to meeting, popping out for coffee or braving the commute, your feet should stay cool and comfortable all day long (that’s a first).

Extend the life of your shoes with Pedag

Shoe trees from Pedag can help keep your footwear in the best possible shape, meaning you can wear your favourite pairs for longer. After a day of relaxing and brunching with friends, slip some shoe trees into your flatforms or high-tops to stop them developing creases. These magical little devices also absorb moisture and prevent odours (we’ll say no more). The next day, simply remove your Pedag shoe trees and your sneaks are ready for walks in the country and casual pub lunches. Just pair with some ripped jeans and a hoodie worn under a cosy gilet, then top it all off with a tartan scarf. There’s nothing quite like a roast on a Sunday afternoon, is there, now?

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