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Taking inspiration from vintage finds and catwalk culture, Olivia Burton is a British accessories brand founded by two best friends who bonded over a love of simple, elegant yet memorable watch design.

Intricate detail and soft hues with Olivia Burton watches

Based in its cosy London studio, the Olivia Burton team is set to become a household name. Each timepiece in its collection looks like a work of art, with clever embellishments worked into the dial or placed with precision onto the leather strap. Inspired by the natural world, fauna and flora illustrations often take centre stage in the designs. With romantic colour palettes, Olivia Burton accessories possess a feminine edge, perfect for pairing with a whimsical lace maxi dress and a soft coatigan - a cardigan-coat hybrid - in muted tones. For everyday office wear, try rolling up the sleeves on a striped shirt dress and simply wait for the compliments to roll in.

Enchanting and inspiring watches by Olivia Burton

Sophisticated and cool, fanciful and charming, each watch from Olivia Burton is made to be treasured. Large dials make an elegant statement, while rose gold accents add a dreamy, decadent quality. With a range of colour palettes to choose from, whether you select an attractive contemporary piece or opt for a fairy-tale floral design, these intricately crafted watches create a delicately minimal look that matches your own signature style.

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