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Oktoberfest Outfits

Find out what to wear to Oktoberfest

Trachtenmode auf dem Oktoberfest München

Look the part

Oktoberfest Costumes

How to find your way around

Fancy brushing shoulders with the stars? Feel like having a break from the beer? Our handy pocket map will give you the lowdown on each tent with a few tips and tricks thrown in for free. Bitte schön! (You're welcome)

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

English German Ok but how do I say that?
Cheers! Prost! Prohst!
Two beers please! Zweimal Biere bitte! Zwi-mal Beere bitter!
Nice to meet you! Griasdi! Gree-ahs-dee!
Enjoy your meal! An Guadn! Aan-Gwaden!
Do you speak English? Sprechen Sie Englisch? Shpreck-en zee eng-lish
How much does...cost? Wie viel kostet . . .? Vee veal cost-et...?
Where are the bathrooms? Wo sind die Toiletten? Voh zint dee toy-leht-en?
Please / Thankyou Bitte / Danke Bih-tuh / Dahn-kuh
My name is... Ich heiße…. Ikh hie-ssuh
Great / Fantastic! Prima / Toll / Super! Pree-mah / tohl / zoo-pair!