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CROSSRANGE XL - Sports glasses - carbon M2 FRAME XL - Sports glasses - redline EVZERO PATH - Sports glasses - matte black MAINLINK - Sports glasses - matte black FLAK 2.0 XL - Sunglasses - retina burn REVERIE - Sports glasses - matte brown tortoise HOLBROOK - Sports glasses - matte black CROSSRANGE - Sunglasses - black ink CROSSRANGE XL - Sports glasses - matte black CROSSRANGE - Sunglasses - grey smoke CROSSRANGE XL - Sports glasses - polished CROSSRANGE - Sunglasses - polished black CROSSRANGE - Sunglasses - carbon CATALYST - Sunglasses - black ink/warm grey STRAIGHTLINK - Sports glasses - matte black RADAR - Sports glasses - steel RADAR EV PITCH - Sports glasses - polished white EVZERO PATH - Sports glasses - polished black LATCH - Sunglasses - matte black TWOFACE XL - Sunglasses - jade iridescent MAINLINK - Sunglasses - grey smoke/jade iridium MOD 5 - Helmet - black MOD 5 - Helmet - matte grey AIRBRAKE XL - Ski goggles - polished white MOD 5 - Helmet - white MOD 3 - Helmet - matte black EVZERO STRIDE - Sports glasses - matte black CROSSRANGE XL - Sports glasses - polished black JAWBREAKER - Sports glasses - retina burn CROSSRANGE - Sunglasses - polished black REVERIE - Sports glasses - polished black CROSSRANGE XL - Sports glasses - black ink SLIVER - Sunglasses - matte black HOLBROOK - Sports glasses - matte black EVZERO STRIDE - Sports glasses - polished white EVZERO PATH - Sports glasses - retina burn CROSSRANGE - Sunglasses - woodgrain RADAR - Sports glasses - retina burn HOLBROOK - Sports glasses - gold satin SPELLGROUND - Ski jacket - purple SUN KING - Waterproof trousers - red SUN KING - Waterproof trousers - black SUN KING - Waterproof trousers - dark green TIMBER - Snowboard jacket - black RAZORBACK - Snowboard jacket - brown DIVISION - Ski jacket - blue COMBUSTION - Ski jacket - blue MOD 5 - Helmet - matte prizm rose DIVISION - Snowboard jacket - black REGULATOR - Snowboard jacket - green CEDAR RIDGE - Ski jacket - yellow THUNDERBOLT - Ski jacket - blue CHARLIE - Ski jacket - red ARROWHEAD - Waterproof trousers - forged iron NEEDLES - Ski jacket - oxide SHOWCASE - Ski jacket - arctic white CHARLIE - Ski jacket - purple Bikini bottoms - coral SPIDER - Bikini bottoms - multi coloured SILVER FOX - Snowboard jacket - forged iron

Oakley's success story began in 1975 in the garage of scientist Jim Jannard. With a small budget, he followed his dreams of creating products that worked and looked better than anything else that had come before them. Today Oakley continues to ensure that complacency doesn't get a look in.

High definition fashion from Oakley

With frames ranging from retro aviators and wayfarers to the latest looks, Oakley sunglasses give you high-performance and high-fashion style. Frames sporting animal stripes and tortoiseshell prints hold colourful lenses that add high notes to activities from working to playing and skiing to surfing. Oakley sunglasses are designed for sun lovers, serious athletes and those whose professions keep them outdoors. Designs deliver clear vision through polarised lenses to filter glare, great UV protection and durable finishes. Added into this functional mix are high-style colours and frames like wayfarers and aviators that never go out of fashion, together with the latest trend of round frames and brightly coloured lenses. We love the Audrey Hepburn look for holiday style worked with cropped coloured jeans and boat-neck T-shirts worn with canvas deck shoes in colours that match frames.

Oakley sunglasses - hot accessories for the outdoors

Sporting designs in Oakley sunglasses give full protection from the sun's glare and are the perfect choice for all year round activities. Wear them with board shorts for serious surfing or coordinate with your ski gear on the slopes. If your day holds nothing more adventurous than lazing around by the pool then coordinate sunglasses in bright white, marine blue or sandy shades with your beachwear. Round lenses give seventies chic with maxi boho dresses or fun accessories to your festival fashion while zebra stripes in bright colours add an element of fun whether you're dressing for formal occasions or weekend barbecue parties.

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