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FROZEN WAVE - Snowboard jacket - black out DECODE HYBRID - Ski jacket - black out SUBURBS - Ski jacket - black Snowboard jacket - ink blue HUCKER HEAT - Winter boots - navy HAMMER - Waterproof trousers - basketball RIDER HOODIE - Sweatshirt - ink blue Waterproof trousers - victoria blue SUBURBS - Ski jacket - yellow Ski jacket - asphalt INFINATE FULL ZIP - Fleece - silver melee VENTILATOR HALF ZIP - Fleece jumper - black out Waterproof trousers - fiery red KINETIC SHIELD - Ski jacket - asphalt PISTE - Fleece - dark grey melee ACTIVE PRINT BRA - Sports bra - black a TRANSIT - Outdoor jacket - dark slate RAILS HALF ZIP - Fleece jumper - black out UTILITY HYBRID - Snowboard jacket - ink blue RAILS HALF ZIP - Fleece jumper - bondi blue VERT - Swimming shorts - fiery red ACTIVE LONG - Base layer - black out KINETIC OUTDOOR - Fleece - black out CLUSTER - Snowboard jacket - powder white VENTILATOR HALF ZIP - Fleece jumper - dark olive RAYBAY HEAT - High-top trainers - brown/black HUCKER HEAT - Winter boots - black ZEPHYR - Winter boots - dark grey MOUNTAIN - Tights - blue/red JONES SYNC - Waterproof trousers - sun-dried tomato RENEGATOR - Winter boots - navy Snowboard jacket - otter KINETIC - Outdoor jacket - lyons blue SEAMLESS - Long sleeved top - black out EXALT - Waterproof trousers - fiery red RIDGE HIKER - Parka - current red RENEGATOR - Winter boots - olive HUBBLE - Ski jacket - green KINETIC MOTION - Tracksuit bottoms - silver melee NORA BEANIE - Hat - birch Snowboard jacket - poison yellow Ski jacket - victoria blue Waterproof trousers - silver melee JOURNEY - Snowboard jacket - gablas green STREAMLINED - Waterproof trousers - ocean wave SIGNAL - Snowboard jacket - black out CONTROL PADDED - Ski jacket - black out X-KINETIC FULL ZIP - Fleece - black out CRESCENT BEANIE - Hat - black out ARCHIVE - Snowboard jacket - grey RADIANT - Snowboard jacket - blue CORAL - Ski jacket - ocean wave THUNDER PEAK - Ski jacket - black EYELINE HYBRID - Ski jacket - black out PISTE - Fleece - lyons blue RADIANT - Ski jacket - black MOUNTAIN - Sweatshirt - silver melee ACTIVE PRINT BRA - Sports bra - blue/pink or purple EXALT - Waterproof trousers - poison yellow DAZZLE - Snowboard jacket - blue/red

O’Neill is that rare creature: a brand that pays as much attention to functionality as it does to style. As the number one sartorial choice for surfers since forever (or 1952), the label's distinctive sporty aesthetic has been finding its way into style blogs for years.

Dressed-up surf luxe with O’Neill

It doesn't get much more laid-back than surfer-wear laid-back. Created in San Francisco in the 50s, the O’Neill aesthetic is as equally beloved by beach dwellers and urbanites. Its popularity proves that you don't necessarily need to be soaking up the Golden State's rays to capture a bit of California cool in your outfit. Go classic by pairing the label's beach shorts with some white trainers. Alternatively, dress up your O’Neill designs to tap into a surf-luxe look. For a beach-queen-in-the-city aesthetic, pair a bikini top with sharply tailored and cuffed trousers, a faux-fur coat and high-tops. O'Neill isn't just about the warmer months either. Look out for the label's warm hooded coats with soft and cosy trims - perfect for hitting the slopes in style.

Stay active with O’Neill

O’Neill strikes the ideal athleisure balance between sporty and stylish. Hybrid shorts are perfect both for taking a dip in the pool and an après-swim stroll along the boulevard. Sleek bikini tops can double up as a bra worn underneath a backless dress And, just like surfing itself, beach style is a year-round thing. So layer up with the label's cosy hoodies and warm jackets to chase the relaxed Cali vibes in any weather.

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