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  • Male celebrities as cool and well-styled as Johnny Depp are few and far between. So it comes as a surprise that the 49-year old actor is shy, softly spoken. The only notable thing about his public appearances is his tendency to be late, though a few allowances can be made for someone as witty and charming as Mr. Depp…

    You are one of the world’s biggest male sex symbols…

    Really? I don’t know, I think there are better ones than me.

    Who did you have in mind?

    Marlon Brando or Tom Waits. And don’t forget my friend Hunter Thompson. They all have a certain something about them. They’re real characters, real individuals and real men.

    What are your most manly qualities?

    Frankly, I define my manliness through the fact that I am a father. I try to stay true to myself and be gracious to people. These are the qualities that make me a man.

    In your opinion, how should a man dress?

    I like it when men have a good sense of style. Nowadays everyone dresses the same. There are no real individuals any more, apart from a few exceptions.

    What were you hoping for when you originally moved to Hollywood?

    My motto was to take from the rich and give to the poor ─ me (laughs). It seems to be in my blood: my grandfather smuggled alcohol.

    Did you feel at home in the film industry?

    Not at all. At the beginning there were far too many people telling me what to do and what not to do. The only thing they cared about was how much money a film would make, but that didn’t interest me.