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SEMIURY ORANGE RUSTY - Hat - dark grey melange SEMIURY ORANGE RUSTY - Hat - blu marine AERONS 1 - Winter jacket - mountain blue VOYAGE - Rucksack - blu marine RAINFOREST WINTER - Light jacket - bordeaux BRAY FULL - Tracksuit top - dark grey melange EDMUND - Lace-up boots - dark brown MOTO - Cargo trousers - caper SEMIURY ORANGE RUSTY - Hat - bright white Lace-up boots - cognac/khaki EDMUND - Lace-up boots - cognac MORRAN - Slippers - black HOYAL - Rucksack - black RAINFOREST WINTER - Light jacket - sparkling red RABARI - Trainers - black TAMBO HALF - Fleece jumper - black ARART - Light jacket - black TAMBO HALF - Fleece jumper - blu marine SKIDOO OPEN LONG - Parka - black STRAND - Long sleeved top - bright white TAMBO FULL - Fleece - blu marine VOYAGE - Rucksack - black SEMIURY - Hat - blu marine SKIDOO OPEN LONG - Parka - dark grey solid YUPIK HOOD - Cardigan - caper PLUS - Trainers - dark brown RAINFOREST POCKET - Light jacket - caper SEMIURY - Hat - mountain blue VOYAGE - Rucksack - wenge YUPIK HOOD - Cardigan - multicolour RAINFOREST - Light jacket - black BADSTOW FULL LOOSE FIT - Tracksuit top - black SOLIN - Long sleeved top - sage green DIGHIL HALF CAPER - Jumper - dark grey melange BADSTOW LOOSE FIT - Hoodie - sage green SEMIURY - Hat - medium grey BADSTOW LOOSE FIT - Hoodie - blu marine ARUSHA - Parka - blu marine ARTIC - Winter jacket - caper HOYAL - Rucksack - caper ARART - Light jacket - blu marine BOYSTER HOOD - Sweatshirt - blu marine BACCHIS - Hoodie - dark grey solid SABIN - Long sleeved top - bright white YUPIK HOOD - Cardigan - off-white BURGEE - Hoodie - black HOYAL - Rucksack - blu marine FIRIN - Hat - black SABIN - Long sleeved top - sparkling red DINGLE - Jumper - blu marine VOYAGE - Rucksack - caper AERONS - Waistcoat - black AERONS - Faux leather jacket - silver SABAH LOOSE FIT - Long sleeved top - black Long sleeved top - grey RAINFOREST POCKET - Light jacket - black VOYAGE - Rucksack - mountain blue SKIDOO - Ski jacket - caper ARTIC - Winter jacket - blu marine AERONS - Short coat - black

The Napapijri story begins in 1987 in the shadows of Europe’s highest mountain, when a new sensibility was introduced to outdoor apparel, combining innovative and practical materials with detailed attention to style. Meaning Arctic Circle, Napapijri is all about extremes, adventure and magnificence, creating collections that have you ready to face anything.

Relaxed yet intrepid - Napapijri

Anything you can dream of is possible with Napapijri, from their iconic skidoo jacket to the rainforest jacket, intrepid explorers meet their match made in heaven with the brand. Owning claim to the first jackets created to be worn as a sweater, Napapijri employs technical fabrications and construction for durable but lightweight outerwear designs that protect from the elements. Strategic construction features ensure every need is catered to, from fully taped seams and corded hems to spacious pockets, whilst dynamic contemporary colour offerings add fun and style.

Adventure is in the air with Napapijri

With the spirit of exploration at it's heart, Napapijri extends it's collection beyond the practical to the fashionable, with a great range of stylish apparel and footwear that brings your active personality into the every day. We love suede work boots and chelsea boots as part of your every day style with skinny jeans or leggings teamed with fur lined coats in colder months for super cosy style that beats the elements and looks on-trend.

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