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You won't be the first person into space, but at least you can still blaze sartorial trails by sporting the Moon Boot. Created just after Neil Armstrong made history, these iconic shoes combine cosy fabrics with retro 70s style, making them ideal for getting out and about in cooler temperatures.

Moon Boot: a giant leap for fashion

Creator Giancarlo Zanatta based the Moon Boot design on the shape of astronauts' footwear - which explains the recognisable chunky style. These shoes are designed to slip on easily and come with laces for extra snugness in the snow, while flat soles provide grip on slippery surfaces. Combine the functional design with thick padding and a water-resistant surface and you've got the ideal boot for intense cold-weather conditions (hello snowboarding in the Alps). Their bold appearance alone is sure to make a statement, but if you really want to turn heads, opt for high-shine Moon Boots for a seriously Space-Age finish.

Turn back time with the Moon Boot

Go all-out alpine and team your new footwear with a padded duffel coat and sunglasses for après-ski appeal. Or, if your destination is more suburbs than slopes, black skinny jeans are the perfect foil for making your new footwear pop. Why not embrace the shoe's retro roots by pairing them with a vintage T-shirt and a fringed bag for 70s chic? With their platform sole, there's also something very 90s about these boots, so teaming them with an animal-print faux-fur coat and a choker would earn you some serious #throwback points. Thanks to their warmth and protection, these shoes are also a stellar option for those chilly early mornings or long walks before Sunday lunch. Whether you're looking for sturdy footwear for wearing in the snow, or a quirky addition to your wardrobe, the Moon Boot will make you look out of this world.

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