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Where would you be without your Moleskine notebook? Ideal for taking to work, for keeping handy in your handbag or for creative musings, these top quality books are a practical item that you can depend on. Inspired by ingenious artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway, books of this style were often used as the canvases on which such artists would express themselves and sketch out small works that would one day turn into masterpieces. Simple with rounded corners, an elastic page holder and an internal expandable pocket, these notebooks have been famously produced in France for over a century, and were discovered by creative and literary talents who used them to jot down their immediate thoughts and visions. The brand name stems from the author Bruce Chatwin, who in 1986 refered to "moleskine" notebooks in his book 'The Songlines', and after a Milanese publisher selected this name for their collection of books they began to soar again in popularity. For a notebook that is authentic in style and is an asset to the most imaginative minds, choose Moleskine at

Moleskine - out of your head and onto paper

What started out as the little black book has now developed and transformed into a new generation of practical and stylish stationary. In a range of different colours and patterns, the books by this brand can reflect your personality as well as serve as an important asset to your business and personal life. Whether you are intending to keep a travel journal, you wish for a place to record appointments or you just wish for a blank canvas across which you can let your creative juices flow, a notebook from this collection is the perfect way to carry around all of your important thoughts and memories in a compact and stylish way. When you have too much swimming around in your head, let it all out with Moleskine right here at

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