HYDE - Summer jacket - dark navy HYDE - Summer jacket - dark khaki FAIRDENE - Long sleeved top - off white TOBIAS - Parka - black Bomber Jacket - black KEYPORT - Basic T-shirt - burgundy GRANVILLE - Print T-shirt - navy ASHVILLE - Relaxed fit jeans - dark navy DOYLE - Short coat - dark navy BRIGHTON - Print T-shirt - white HARRIS - Cardigan - mineral marl MONKEY - Bomber Jacket - schwarz FIGHT - Long sleeved top - navy CARD - Polo shirt - black CARD - Polo shirt - navy HADLOW - Print T-shirt - light grey marl BRIGHTON - Print T-shirt - sky SOLWAY - Print T-shirt - white BIRCH - Jumper - navy BIRCH - Jumper - dust blue CHESTER - Summer jacket - dark khaki VALE - Polo shirt - black CLIFTON - Print T-shirt - navy VERNON - Jumper - grey marl HARRINGTON FIFTY - Bomber Jacket - black BAKER - Summer jacket - khaki TRUMAN - Tracksuit top - black TRUMAN - Tracksuit top - navy BELMONT - Print T-shirt - navy Print T-shirt - sea green PELHAM - Polo shirt - black ROWAN - Print T-shirt - navy TORCROSS - Print T-shirt - white COWLEY - Polo shirt - off white TICKET - Print T-shirt - black BARNES - Polo shirt - navy TYSON - Polo shirt - navy Polo shirt - black TUXFORD - Suit jacket - black CARD - Polo shirt - claret/harmony NOLAN - Bomber Jacket - navy

Iconic Brit brand Merc embodies heritage mod style and youth culture. Founded in the late 1960's on London's famous Carnaby Street, Merc has evolved and grown to follow the trends of music and fashion, all whilst staying true to its indie roots.

Get into the swing of things with Merc

During the sixties there was a huge explosion of creative, young bands onto the scene, like the Beatles, and with them came a groundbreaking fashion scene, and the Carnaby Street area at the forefront. Giving power to young people, Merc made casual wear cool, with tees, soft jackets and new cuts of jeans. Mod style was all about sporty influences, with hints of smarter detailing and lots of darker colours like navy, burgundy or dark checks.

Give your style a retro spin with Merc clothing

Men's checked shirts are a must have for the Merc mod look. Wear with skinny fit jeans and button your shirt all the way to the top, finishing with low top trainers. For a more laid back take on the style, wear polo neck tops, with details like contrast colour sleeves or tiping on collars and sleeve hems. Logo sweats and hoodies with British flags retro graphics give your down time looks the same sense of sixties vintage cool.

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