Men's Trekking Rucksacks

If you're planning a gap year's travelling or preparing for an adventure holiday our edit of men's trekking rucksacks gives you a headstart. Stick to tough neutral shades that can tackle any amount of wear and tear or bold colours that stand out at the airport.

Men's trekking rucksacks - adventure companions

Getting ready for your adventure and choosing your kit is an exciting time and with the right equipment your trip is sure to be a success. Men's trekking rucksacks are perfect when you're travelling light and constantly on the move. Check out the measurements and capacity of different designs, choosing a size in proportion to your height and frame that won't be too heavy to carry when packed. Then look at the straps and extra features to see which best suit your travel needs. If you're headed somewhere hot mesh straps and panels keep your T-shirts fresh while outer pouches for your water bottles and secure pockets for men's wallets are essential.

Get in the travel mood with men's trekking rucksacks

When you're stopping in one place for a few days and have time to unpack then top-loading men's trekking rucksacks are ideal and deliver a large capacity for your travel gear and waterproof jackets. But if you're going to be constantly on the move rucksacks with side zips give easy access to your day's wardrobe. Once you've decided on your trekking rucksack it's time to select the rest of your kit from comfortable hiking boots to rugged outdoor gear.

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