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Weatherproof athletic passion with men’s sports windbreakers

When sport is your driving force, stay dry and protected with men’s sports windbreakers. Simple in their construction with a minimalistic approach to functionality, windbreakers for sport are the perfect ally when it comes to pushing through the elemental hurdles of your training.

Primarily worn during far warmer seasons when one could expect a rain shower or windy spell, the windbreaker lives up to its name. Usually part of a layering technique worn over tees or tanks, these lightweight jackets are perfect for starting off cool and building up to higher body temperatures.

Whether you get your endorphin kick through hiking, trail running, mountain biking or strolling in the countryside, men's sports windbreakers provide the perfect cover-all. Moderate cold is no match for a windbreaker and with varying thicknesses available, you can tailor-make your sports gear according to your location. If you prefer night training, look for windbreakers with reflective strips to bounce light and make you visible for safer evening sessions.

Keep body temperature stable as you increase your output

When you hit the trail and start to work up a sweat, the windbreaker has the uncanny ability to regulate and moderate your temperature so you don’t overheat. As a non-insulated jacket, let your garments underneath supply the warmth while your windbreaker acts as a thermal protector, sealing in warmth on colder mornings.

Apart from being highly functional, men's sport windbreakers have also taken their place amongst cool activewear for urban men who enjoy comfort and style. If you want to wear yours while you warm up on the football field or stroll back from the gym on a cool night, they'll also double up as great light jackets to hang out in.

A comprehensive choice of windbreakers for men right here on Zalando

When deciding what windbreaker will best suit you, scroll through the vast selection on Zalando and let colour, brand and style be your deciding factor.

With the majority of windbreakers for men made from 100% polyester for temperature regulation, you can find top sporting labels as well as fashionable brands. Choose between high necks, v-necks and crew necks and dictate your sporting trends according to your needs.