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Veja trainers for men: Ecological and stylish alternative to footwear

Veja is an eco-friendly Fair Trade label that produces some of the finest footwear you’ll have the pleasure to set your eyes on. To help mitigate the repercussions from the clothing industry's infatuation with rapid fashion, the French business attempts to utilise recycled materials while producing its shoes.

Here on Zalando, you can grab some great deals for men’s Veja trainers and be part of the more environmentally friendly world of fashion. Veja demonstrates that becoming green does not have to mean sacrificing flair. Modern designs in cotton and leather use the brand's signature 'V' motif on top of block-colour or patterned panels.

We adore pairing thin retro-style shoes with turned-up trousers and a vintage sports jacket. While cropped bootcut jeans, on the other hand, are the ideal way to show off chunkier shoes while saluting the '90s. Veja's mini-me designs come replete with easy Velcro fastenings and, of course, that recognisable logo, so you can start your kids young on sustainability when it comes to their clothes and style. The brand's vivid graphics stand out against a plain ensemble of dungarees and a long-sleeved shirt.

Lead the trend with Veja men’s trainers

The Fair Trade footwear company collaborates directly with local producers in Brazil and France to manufacture clean-cut shoes and accessories from sustainable sources, Amazonian wild rubber, vegetable-tanned leather, and repurposed plastic bottles.

Leading the trend and donning Veja trainers helps bring about change for eco-fashion and the message it sends to consumers and the clothing industry as a whole. Pioneers of this change include Emma Watson and Meghan Markle, and now on the men’s side it’s your turn to continue the trend and encourage change. From manufacturing to logistics, every aspect of Veja's production process is thoroughly and ethically examined. The company's beliefs revolve around openness and social responsibility, with a strong aim for cultural change.

When it comes to Zalando’s range of Veja men’s trainers, you’ll find comfort in the fact there’s a style and colour that’s perfect for you. You’ll also feel safe in the knowledge that you’ll be supporting fair trade and environmentally sustainable production with your purchase. So get on the bandwagon, and enhance your trend as well as your responsibility.

Veja trainers for men: Style, function and sustainability

With Veja trainers being in all the fashion headlines for all the right reasons, simple, functional but aesthetically pleasing on the eye and most importantly produced in the way that all shoes should be. This is the modern way and on Zalando you can be a part of that new vision and a trend that ticks all the boxes.

When it comes to the shoes’ design, you can hawk back to retrospective styles that became popular in the '80s and '90s and have been revived here in a way that can only be described as truly special. The shoe is a touch chunkier, with old-school panelling and thoughtful branding accents, such as the "V" logo, that don't scream for attention but also don't fade into the background. Consider it a statement shoe for low-key people, but a statement that can ring true for those who want to climb a higher rung on the social ladder.

And if you’re worried about comfort, then you need not, as you’ll have a spring in your step with these soon-to-be iconic kicks. A sturdy, retro and stylish shoe for the ages.