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Formal dress shoes, stylish moccasins and the comfortable fashionista look of high and low-top trainers, whatever your footwear style Calvin Klein men's shoes walks away with a great collection.

Calvin Klein men's shoes bring class to formal looks

It's often said that shoes can make or break outfits, Calvin Klein men's shoes will definitely make yours. Black lace-up dress shoes should be the foundation of every man's shoe wardrobe, essential for formal occasions. They're also great staples for travelling light, looking good with everything from jeans to men's dinner suits. A little tip when dressing formally in these shoes - match socks to trousers not shoes, to create instantly fluid looks. Or for a touch of drama, wear bright red men's socks with matching ties.

Casually stylish - Calvin Klein men's shoes

Calvin Klein men's low-top trainers feature stripes with subtle logos, all-over CK prints, or a combination of both, giving you flexible choices for lifestyles that require lots of casual looks. Plain colour palettes of black jeans, T-shirts and jackets give free rein to your shoes, making the perfect background for low-top trainers, as well as brown buckle moccasins, with all-over CK prints, and high-top trainers with contrast soles and toe-caps. High-top trainers, from our great pick of Calvin Klein men's shoes, also team with camouflage trousers and cuffed chinos. To stamp your personality, swap their grey and black laces for white, or even neon colours.

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