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Find Lacoste trainers on Zalando

Discover the realm of timeless elegance with the Lacoste trainers collection, where iconic design meets modern sensibility. The range features an array of designs that seamlessly blend sophistication with sporty aesthetics with a harmonious combination of style, innovation, and sustainability. The offer includes many designs and colours to cater to different tastes and occasions.

From classic court-inspired silhouettes to sleek and contemporary running styles, Lacoste trainers cater to both casual and athletic preferences. The colour palette is a spectrum of understated neutrals and bold hues, ensuring that each pair becomes a versatile wardrobe staple.

Whether you're seeking a laid-back look for urban strolls or gearing up for a sporty endeavour, Lacoste trainers offer a perfect fusion of style and functionality all year round, whether it’s in the winter rain or out on the golf course in the sun.

Lacoste shoes: Modern casual foot staple

Lacoste's commitment to quality is evident in the diverse materials and design technologies employed in crafting their trainers. The collection on Zalando showcases a meticulous interplay of textures and fabrics, ranging from breathable mesh for a lightweight feel to the luxurious touch of leather exuding sophistication.

Lacoste shoes embrace innovation with design technologies that enhance performance and comfort. Whether it's the flexibility of textile uppers for agility or the support of well-crafted imitation leather, each material is chosen with precision to create trainers that are not only fashion-forward but also built to endure the demands of various activities. With shorts, skirts, suits or jeans, these shoes will be the centre of attention.

Take a look around this diverse collection for the best styles and materials that fit your needs. Mixing the modern designs with the staple classic trainers with a sense of retrospective glamour. Be sure that Lacoste and Zalando have you covered on all fronts.

Lacoste’s dedication to sustainability

The fashion and sport firm is making strides towards sustainability by incorporating eco-friendly materials into their trainers. The brand is increasingly using recycled and responsibly sourced materials in their production processes. This includes utilising recycled polyester for mesh and textiles, reducing the environmental impact of their footwear.

The brand is actively pursuing environmental certifications for their trainers, signifying their commitment to responsible manufacturing. Certifications such as the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and Leather Working Group (LWG) are indicative of the dedication to meeting stringent environmental and ethical standards in their supply chain.

Lacoste is always working towards minimising its carbon footprint by adopting eco-friendly practices in the production of their trainers. This includes optimising manufacturing processes to reduce energy consumption and exploring eco-conscious packaging solutions.