Men's Mules

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By their very nature, men's slip-ons are designed to be convenient and wearable, smoothly sliding on and off the foot with minimal effort on the part of the wearer. From leather sandals and buckled birkenstocks to chunky clogs and statement sandals with sporty twists, men's slip-ons are a summer wardrobe essential. Casual looks like ripped jeans and loose cargo shorts are easily complimented by open-heeled clogs or colourful slip-ons, while smarter denims and tapered trousers can appear all the more sophisticated with a traditional leather sandal. Light, breathable and comfy, men's slip-ons are versatile enough to adapt to several summery trends, and this season sees new takes on the classic design that offer fresh ways of making the look your own.

Slide into chic and comfortable summer style with men's slip-ons

Leather sandals in black, camel, grey or olive are a timeless choice when it comes to men's slip-ons. Choose from a single thick strap or several thinner bands, and don't shy away from features like buckles, cork heels and faded edges as these elements bring a touch of vintage charm to the shoe. Men's slip-ons in the form of clogs and open-heeled trainers are a more robust choice if you're to be on your feet most of the day, and these options are simple ways to channel current trend like colour pops, sporty accents and urban details. Opt for men's slip-ons with patent finishes in a deep colours for a smarter edge, while bright tones and contrasting design features are a more casual alternative.