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Timelessly chic with a casual twist – loafers for men tick all the boxes

Loafers for men never disappoint. A staple since the American Ivy League days of the 50’s, this evergreen footwear trend continues to evolve with each decade, with new styles bringing fashion converts to the genre from every generation. Although not American in origin, the loafer as a shoe hit commercial success when young, preppy male students found comfort was attainable whilst still remaining smart, and subsequently adopted the loafer as a go-to wardrobe staple.

Throughout the decades, we have seen men’s loafers expand from a casual shoe favourite to becoming one of the most desirable shapes, more especially with the recent upsurge in haute couture fashion house participation. From runways to red carpets, holidays and work environments, there is no part of a modern man’s life that loafers cannot seamlessly fit into.

The ultimate men’s loafer collection for modern contemporary looks

When scrolling through this vast collection of loafers for men, you will find yourself spoilt for choice with the extensive selection of global designers that have jumped on this shoe trend. From top Italian names in the business to American footwear moguls and everyone in between, when you’re looking for chic, sophisticated and exclusive, this collection does the trick.

Casual and ready-to-wear loafers are not forgotten in this extensive range. Find sports sliders and slip-on loafers that are perfect for chilling with friends, lazy summer days and after sport cool-downs. Worn with or without socks, canvas and plastic variants have been making waves in the urban world of footwear for a number of years, with the loafer shape being at the centre of the trend.

Loafers as the perfect workplace shoe

If you want to make an impression in the boardroom, choose loafers that are easily adaptable to everything from suits to chinos and even jeans. Worn with colourful socks for a pop of character, or hidden socks for a more continental look, the loafer is an always-on, hard-working shoe that always provides a classic, yet understated look.

Always ensure your loafers are a good fit, avoiding slippage when paired with a pair of slacks in casual or formal environments. Shorts and loafers should not be worn with long, outward-showing socks, so ensure when you select your ideal pair of shoes you have enough secret socks for all occasions.

Versatile and durable textiles for all makes of men’s loafers

When selecting your loafers, good quality craftsmanship will give you the most bang for your buck. Find durable pairs made from leather, faux leather, suede, plastic and canvas, and easily match with the right outfit for the occasion.

Consider stocking up on at least one pair of on-trend, high-quality leather loafers and a more casual pair for day events. When comfort and style meet in perfect sync, your footwear game is about to step up.