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Men’s brogues as a timeless and classic footwear solution

No modern man’s wardrobe is complete without a pair of men’s brogues. With a heritage dating back to the 19th century, this diverse and useful footwear solution has stood the ultimate test of time whether worn as a working man’s shoe, for smart-casual purposes or for those fashion-forward moments.

Usually created with the broguing effect of small perforations in leather or suede uppers, designer variants have shown that brogues can extend far beyond their humble beginnings. Once a work shoe, now brogues can be worn to a business meeting or to a casual weekend date without compromising style.

So what has given this model of shoe such longevity over the years? In terms of evergreen wardrobe staples, there is no doubt that brogues and lace-ups come up tops in terms of men’s footwear year-on-year. The ultimate in comfort, whether dancing the night away or working in an office environment, premium brogues add a touch of smart sophistication to your look that won’t break the bank.

Men’s lace-up shoes are perfect for boardroom confidence

When dressing for work, men’s lace-up shoes can pull off looks ranging from Oxford academic preppy to high-flying jet setter. The low heel adds a refined look to a slimline shape that blends perfectly with smart trousers.

Marry your black brogues with a suit or a well-tailored shirt and pullover to be ready for whatever the day throws at you. If you prefer a more casual look in the workplace, marry slightly chunkier brogues with jeans and get a smart-casual approach that is on-trend and ready to go.

Lace-ups also extend into loafer-style footwear, perfect for casual days out with friends. Enjoy brunch, shopping trips and cocktail hour with a higher-ankle, casual lace-up that effortlessly blends with jeans, chinos and shorts. Perfect for nautical-inspired looks, these lace-ups and loafers throw a nod to the more fashion-aware Zalando shopper that cares about trends as much as comfort and functionality.

Which style of men’s brogues to start with?

If you have been a sneaker kind of guy and have not yet experimented with brogues and smart shoes in your wardrobe, you may be wondering which pair to start with. A modern guy can never have too many pairs of lace-ups, as there will always be occasions to wear them. Start with a simple, classic black low heel that can marry with all colours and outfits. Once you have established how comfortable and versatile the shoe is, you could extend your collection to include a tan or white suede that leans towards the casual side.

If you enjoy adding a spot of glamour to your outfits, you can find brogues in this collection that boast studs, shine in patent leather or include myriad colours in their design. Top designers have stepped up for this collection, and you will be guaranteed to find brand names that align with your fashion sensibilities.

Taking care of your brogues will keep them looking good at all times. Leather requires polishing to keep it free from scuffing. A pair of good quality leather brogues can last more than a decade if taken care of, and as we have seen from the longevity of this style, you will always have a reason to reach for them. Explore the Zalando catalogue and find your next pair or two.