Dr. Martens
Men's Flat Shoes

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When a German doctor named Klaus Märtens decided to launch his own boot design, it was the beginning of an iconic British footwear brand that has successfully maintained its relevance throughout its long history. Since 1945, Dr. Martens has been a popular footwear brand, loved by musicians and followers of fashion, yet the classic air cushioned sole that epitomized the original boot is still a fundamental feature of the modern Dr. Martens shoe collection. Dr. Martens men's flat shoes are a contemporary transformation of the original classic, featuring the brand's recognisable yellow stitching around the sole of the shoes. This modern collection of Dr. Martens men's flat shoes offers an incredible choice of shoe styles and colour tones, including casual lace ups and slip ons to suit every individual.

Dr. Martens men's flat shoes - the original classic reinvented for today

With a choice of conventional and unconventional shoe styles to choose from, this collection of Dr. Martens men's flat shoes is a versatile range of accessories that are suitable for both formal and informal occasions. The combination of soft textiles and thick sole creates a shoe that is supremely comfortable to wear, making Dr. Martens men's flat shoes an excellent choice for business meetings or casual walks. Choose a vibrant pair of blue slip on shoes for relaxing in your garden or for a round of golf, and wear them with a white polo shirt and long, loose shorts or walking trousers. If you need to look smart for a more formal occasion, then a stylish black pair of Dr. Martens men's flat shoes are an excellent accompaniment to a smart suit or dinner jacket. Find more Dr. Martens footwear here at