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Men's brogues and lace ups immediately add a formal element to any outfit, making them perfect for the office. Men's brogues first appeared in Ireland and Scotland, and were worn as casual shoes with small perforations in the surface to allow water to drain away easily after walking across wet land. The men's brogue is still designed with small perforations across the upper, but today is recognized as a very on-trend, stylish and elegant shoe. If men's brogues are not for you then why not take a look at our other varieties of lace up shoes for men? Men's lace ups have the same sophisticated look as brogues but are a more minimalistic choice. Men's brogues and lace ups may traditionally have only been made in black or brown, but they are now available in a range of different colours and can be worn with a variety of different outfits depending on your personal style.

Brogues and lace ups for men - sophisticated and smart

Our vast selection of Men's brogues and lace ups is sourced from the collections of leading contemporary and designer brands around the world, ensuring top quality and durability. Men’s brogues look fantastic paired with slim denim jeans and a plaid button down for a cool urban look, or with navy chinos and a crisp white shirt for casual business attire. These men's brogues and lace ups are constructed with only the finest leathers and suede to ensure a luxurious look and feel to every pair of shoes. Shop a fantastic selection of brogues and lace ups for men right here, at Zalando.