Men's Clothing

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Looking to fill some gaping holes in your wardrobe? From low key, blue collar styles to military chic, Gap men's clothing channels the hottest trends in menswear with all the sureness you'd expect from a brand that has been at the forefront of American fashion for over 40 years.

Gap men's clothing - the rough and the smooth

Our selection of Gap men's clothing includes perennial items like hoodies and knits, alongside current "it" looks such as the plaid shirt, the coloured chino and the short double breasted coat. Shirts tend to be tight and fitted, contrasting with relaxed, straight leg trousers and jeans. An outdoorsy feel runs through much of the collection, with segues into military-inspired khaki and navy, but it's all filtered through Gap's clean, tailored approach for a look poised perfectly between rugged and well-groomed.

Gap men's clothing - easy style

One or two pieces of Gap men's clothing can really help to bring a limited wardrobe up to speed. Snug and lightweight, men's jumpers and cardigans from Gap will instantly smarten up a basic T-shirt and jeans combo. Our selection of men's shirts from Gap is especially versatile: with their short hems, they can be worn outside the trousers or open over a T-shirt without looking too loose and baggy. Meanwhile, a pale-toned long sleeve top from our collection of men's T-shirts from Gap makes a great foil to deep indigo denim.

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