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CLOSED men's clothing was founded in Italy in 1978. The label caters to the clothing needs of both genders and all ages, but it is with its menswear that the brand really comes into its own. CLOSED men's clothing encompasses the look and feel of cotton and denim, the shapes and styles of street sportwear, leisurewear and surfwear, borrows the bold and vibrant colours of elegant dresswear, then uses a fusion of all these elements to employ a totally different casual, laid-back air of sophistication that many other brands either fail to realise or ignore completely. The brand's concept is simple. CLOSED men's clothing was born for the refined modern man who requires unique but casual threads to dress down, chill out and enjoy the simple things in life.

CLOSED men's clothing: sophistication with that casual feel

With its stylish range of tee-shirts, jeans, shorts, chinos, hoodies and more, CLOSED men's clothing in a nutshell is street-wise leisurewear with that classy feel, proving that fashion-conscious guys can look urbane and urban at the same time, and with its cool range of shirts and cardigans to complement the look, versatility is embraced with ease. This isn't workwear, this isn't dresswear - CLOSED men's clothing is designed for the man who likes to play. With its bold colours, laid back feel and stylish cuts, CLOSED men's clothing is ideal for the man who likes to turn heads without trying too hard. Whether you are chilling out with friends, hanging out in town on a sunny day, gracing the early evening bars or playing hard and living it up on the beach, CLOSED men's clothing has threads to suit any leisurely occasion.

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