Brixtol men’s clothing was established in 2011, providing alternative classics that combine ideas from the 1960s' mod culture and the practicality of gentleman’s work wear. Even the use of two cities Bristol and Brixton to create the name Brixtol highlights the unique combination of mixing two very different ideas together. Brixtol aims to mix traditional ideas with constant reinvention to make great-quality menswear. Brixtol menswear is designed in Sweden with a British twist. Brixtol men’s clothing is often influenced by British and Swedish fashion, music and culture with the result being constant new styles that evolve the styles available.

Brixtol men’s clothing – a combination of British and Swedish fashion influence

The Brixtol brand focuses on men’s clothing that explores individuality and rejects dull, old-fashioned styles. The menswear collection is a showcase of effortlessly cool and timeless styles that remain suitable and practical for everyday use. The hip street label has remained functional with clothing being made of carefully selected weatherproof materials ensuring the wearer is prepared for anything the day has in store for them. Brixtol men’s clothing is available in a variety of sizes, styles, fits and lengths to suit your personal style and requirements. The classic wax jackets and varsity inspired designs highlight the combination of different influences to ensure there’s something for everyone at this brand, even including unisex styles. Brixtol provides high-quality, individual products that are going to last. Browse the current available collection now at