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What’s an easy way to boost your confidence? You might think it’s entirely about getting those gains in the gym, but Levi's® men’s underpants also help. Cotton underwear, boxers and briefs are made with elasticised waistbands to keep you comfortable all day long - and not much is more important than that.

Ultimate comfort in Levi's® men’s underpants

Wave goodbye to those briefs you’ve had since forever and pick up a pair of men’s underpants by Levi's®. Super soft styles like cotton boxers and shorts come in a range of colours - from light hues to neutral shades and inky, moody tones. The elasticised, tag-free waistbands help ensure you'll stay as comfy as possible all day long. When you’re lazing around on Saturday morning, wear your Levi's® men’s boxers with cotton pyjamas and a plain white T-shirt (don’t forget to choose your Netflix drama). Head to the boardroom meeting on Monday with a pair of black trousers, a checkered Oxford button down and leather shoes.

Durable support with Levi's® men’s underpants

Each pair of men’s underpants by Levi's® is made with breathable, lightweight, stretchy fabric that fits perfectly - a quintessential quality of the brand. Reinforced stitching ensures durability and all pieces are pre-shrunk for a long-lasting fit. When you’re getting in from a long day at work, strip down to your underthings and put on a pair of comfortable joggers and slippers (and pour yourself a drink). Mid-rise underpants fit well underneath your standard Saturday night look - skinny jeans, a slim-fitting, short-sleeved button down, bomber jacket and a pair of white low-top retro trainers (don’t forget to post the look on Snapchat).

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