American work wear brand Dickies has become a cult favourite, sported by everyone from teenage skateboarders to some of the world's biggest pop stars. Yet the story of Dickies men's trousers and chinos began back in 1922, when C.N. Williamson and E.E. Dickie founded the brand in Texas. Dickies produced uniforms for American soldiers in WWII and oil workers in the Middle East in the 1950's. Today, Dickies men's trousers and chinos are worn both for their craftsmanship as well as their classic style and fit. These well-tailored cargo trousers, work pants, and chinos are suitable for a variety of situations.

Get the job done in Dickies men's trousers and chinos

Chino trousers are created from a pure cotton twill cloth, making them both breathable and durable. You'll also find Dickies men's trousers and chinos in an array of different cuts and styles. Wear a modern slim fit pair of trousers with a blazer and a button down shirt for a business casual look at the office, or choose cargo trousers and a flannel top for weekend wear. Dickies men's trousers and chinos are available in the classic shades such as khaki and black, but you'll also find other hues to compliment your sense of style. Shorts, tracksuit bottoms, and work pants are ideal for wear when you have a physical job to do, while neatly pressed trousers are suited for the business world. Whether for work or play, Dickies men's trousers and chinos provide a comfortable fit.