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Men's ties and accessories add the finishing details that give outfits an impact. Ties and cufflinks pull looks together whether you're dressing for dates in town, impressing at an interview or attending black tie events.

Men's ties and accessories - the essential finish

Sporting a tie instantly lifts outfits from casual to smart. They let you play with texture and colour, stamp your own personality onto a corporate image or add humour to party dressing. If you're serious about your men's ties and accessories it's worth investing some time in practising how to tie a tie. Master the Kent or Windsor knot and your fashion ratings will soar. The trending fashion is for narrow ties with subtle prints and shades or stand-out checks and stripes that are perfect for anchoring your blue jeans to casual shirts or adding an impact to men's business shirts.

Add a quirk to casual with men's tie and accessories

The tie's quirkier cousin is the bow tie. Long established as an essential black tie or red carpet accessory bow ties can also add a classy statement to casual outfits. Pair bow ties in subtle prints with chambray shirts and jeans or add bold red designs to white shirts and chinos. No edit of men's ties and accessories is complete without cufflinks. They're an easy way for men to wear jewellery that is both functional and decorative. A flash of gold lifts dark suits and ties while contemporary silver bars add a hipster high-low contrast to distressed jeans and plaid shirts.

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