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Why change a winning formula? Lacoste men’s T-shirts are such classics that the label doesn't need to deal in gimmicks or endless reinventions. Made with clarity and precision, these shirts are timeless and iconic.

Prim and proper in Lacoste men’s T-shirts

The classic tennis polo from Lacoste works well in a smart outfit of fitted cotton trousers and brogues. Tuck in a Lacoste men’s T-shirt and pull together with a leather belt for extra style points. Choose pale greys, blues or whites with a beige blazer and cream chinos for traditional, countryside-inspired suave. For date nights in town, a slimming all-black polo, or a v-neck tee under a blazer, works well. 100% cotton materials, neat hemlines and clean-cut shapes mean that the pieces in this collection of men’s T-shirts from Lacoste are comfortable while remaining easy on the eye.

Street style in Lacoste men’s T-shirts

Round-neck tops across this collection of men's T-shirts from Lacoste are adorned with striking graphics; look out for ‘Lacoste’ typography in bold contrasts or fun graphic plays on the famous alligator. Notice slogans that refer to Rene Lacoste, tennis pro and founder of the brand, which highlights the company's sporty heritage. Long-sleeved tops are perfect round-the-house options, particularly post-gym, or can be spiced up with a leather jacket, skinnies and high-tops on a night out. Horizontal stripes are back in this season, adding width to the chest and shoulders all the while nodding to the distinctive French Breton style. Throw on under a bomber jacket and team with true blue jeans and chunky white trainers for a no-nonsense look (even if you're getting up to all sorts).

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