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We all love a classy pinstripe or Prince of Wales check, but there are times when you want something a bit (or a lot) more showy, without losing the feel good factor that comes from rocking an immaculately tailored suit. Welcome to the zany world of OppoSuits men's suits - suits that are ready to party.

OppoSuits men's suits in the spotlight

OppoSuits men's suits have the luxurious quality you'd expect from a regular suit while also being brightly bedecked in bold, tongue in cheek patterns that range from the seasonal to the surreal. A choice of high-viz Halloween and Yuletide themes, pop art designs, animal prints and superhero logos guarantee that these suits will make an unforgettable first impression at office parties, weddings, family celebrations and other fun events. And if that's a bit too loud, OppoSuits men's suits also come in jazzy, nightclub-ready solid colours from cool blue to Ferrari red and princely purple. Meanwhile, waisted jackets and slim-leg trousers deliver a fashionably modern, fitted look.

Styling OppoSuits men's suits

Unless you're a genius when it comes to layering prints, it's probably best to keep the rest of your outfit simple so that the different elements don't fight for attention - one of our plain white men's business shirts and a pair of monochrome white men's trainers should offset your suit nicely. Then finish off with a vivid tie with a thick Windsor knot and some chunky cuff-links from our selection of men's ties and accessories. Now where's the party at?

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