Long-sleeved tops

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A fashion staple that's ever evolving, men's long sleeve tops are a must have for any stylish man's wardrobe. Whether you use them as an everyday base or a focal feature, they will fast become one of your favourite essentials.

Layering men's long sleeve tops

Men's long sleeve tops are essential when it comes to base layers and keeping warm. They will sit seamlessly under many outfits, whether you want to double up your layers in the winter, or you're looking for light layering when it's warmer. Swap them with your t-shirts as an essential base top when it's cold, and keep your colour choices simple with neutral tones that will match the rest of your wardrobe. For stylish statement layering, choose contrasting shades and necklines. Layer a black long sleeved top underneath a grey hoodie and black skinnies for a minimalist male look. For a winter warmer feel, wear sumptuous men's long sleeve tops in tones of forest green and maroon under some statement knitwear.

Statement men's long sleeve tops

Many men's long sleeve tops can be worn as more than a base layer. Give yours a fashion focus and let it accent your outfit rather than acting as an everyday basic. A smart trench coat will look clean and elegant when worn over a long sleeved t-shirt in the spring or autumn. But wear your men's long sleeved top under a leather jacket for a rugged rocker feel. Statement long-sleeved tops are perfect for showing off. Choose a bold patterned top and wear underneath a parka coat or a gilet for a Nordic wintery look, or wear a ribbed style top with some drainpipe jeans and worker boots for a manly workwear feel.

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