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MA-1 D-TEC - Bomber Jacket - burgundy PRECIOUS METALL - Bomber Jacket - dark green/gold Bomber Jacket - replica blue PRECIOUS METALL - Bomber Jacket - black Winter jacket - black Winter jacket - dark petrol MA-1 D-TEC - Bomber Jacket - black SE - Light jacket - black/grey Bomber Jacket - burgundy Winter jacket - dark green gold Winter jacket - replica blue Bomber Jacket - dark green Light jacket - woodland Winter jacket - dark green B3TT - Bomber Jacket - dark green PILOT - Bomber Jacket - dark green Bomber Jacket - oliv Light jacket - black JAPAN DRAGEN SOUVENIR - Bomber Jacket - burgundy Bomber Jacket - white MA 1 - Bomber Jacket - black ENGINE - Bomber Jacket - dark green SOUVENIR - Bomber Jacket - schwarz REVERSIBLE - Bomber Jacket - sage green Bomber Jacket - dark green INJECTOR III - Bomber Jacket - dark green Bomber Jacket - rep grey Bomber Jacket - woodland COLLEGE - Bomber Jacket - black HUNTER II - Bomber Jacket - rep blue Bomber Jacket - dark green PRECIOUS METALL - Bomber Jacket - sage green/kupfer Bomber Jacket - silver pink B15 - Bomber Jacket - black Bomber Jacket - replica blue MA-1 VF FLIGHING TIGERS - Bomber Jacket - green Bomber Jacket - burgundy INJECTOR III - Bomber Jacket - silver STANDART FIT - Bomber Jacket - dark green STANDART FIT - Bomber Jacket - black Winter jacket - brown Bomber Jacket - republica blue Winter jacket - black MA-1 D-TEC - Bomber Jacket - woodland INJECTOR III - Bomber Jacket - woodland Winter jacket - offwhire Winter jacket - black MA-1 D-TEC - Bomber Jacket - rep. grey Winter jacket - rep blue gold VINTAGE - Light jacket - dark oliv Winter jacket - rep blue Winter jacket - black INJECTOR - Bomber Jacket - sage green Bomber Jacket - gold Winter jacket - black/orange REVERSIBLE - Bomber Jacket - silver VINTAGE - Light jacket - woodland camo Bomber Jacket - silver Bomber Jacket - black koppa ENGINE - Bomber Jacket - schwarz

Update your outerwear wardrobe with the ultimate statement piece. Alpha Industries men's jackets nail urban and utilitarian dressing with designs based on the US armed forces' original uniforms. Zip up authentic bombers and flight jackets in a range of moody hues and classic khaki shades.

Timeless American military styles dominate Alpha Industries men's jackets

This edit of Alpha Industries men's jackets spans decades of design with retro styles through to modern-day shapes. The label keeps true to its roots as the manufacturer of outerwear for the US Department of Defence, with updated versions of their air force parkas, flight jackets and army field coats. These contemporary adaptations boast many of the original styles’ features such as (emergency) orange lining - still handy for finding lost friends in big crowds. Bomber and flight jackets are made with the classic knitted collar, cuffs and waistband, and durable satin nylon shell that pilots and ground crew have worn for over 60 years - aviator sunglasses are a must with these.

Alpha Industries men's jackets: urban cool with a utilitarian spirit

Lightweight jackets and heavy coats are versatile and timeless in a palette of rich earthy hues, dark blue shades and distinctive army green. Multiple pockets inside and out add to the functional design of these jackets. Look out for the pencil pocket with zip fastening on the left sleeve of these coats, featuring the brand’s signature flight tag. Introduce Alpha Industries men's jackets into your off-duty wardrobe for retro styles with contemporary slim silhouettes and an urban sensibility. Go low-key in tapered jeans and a check shirt, or team up with ripped jeans in dark hues and work boots for a grunge-inspired vibe.

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