Coats are a tricky item to buy. Men are always looking for warm, practical coats to keep their suit dry or protect them from the rain as they make their way to the bars and clubs of town on a Saturday night. Designers like s.Oliver men's coats have taken up the challenge of producing the coats that real guys need. Taking their cue from classic coat styles, s.Oliver men's coats range from short coats to parkas, providing a choice of warmth and snugness or sleek, summer style. With the label's commitment to everyday fashion, these are coats that guys will love to pick off their hooks every morning, rain or shine.

Give that shirt and tie a hand with s.Oliver men's coats

No guy wants to be let down by their coat. Although the suit and tie is worn at work, it is the coat that most people seen when men arrive at work or the club, and nobody wants to look unfashionable on their commute. s.Oliver men's coats provide elegant solutions. Their short coats are perfect for spring and summer wear, with button fastening and breathable fabrics. Their slimline trenchcoats come with belts for a 1950s look which communicates coolness and self possession, while their classic coats include extra padding for warmth. Choose from a range of tones, and pick the perfect coat for the weather or situation. With s.Oliver men's coats, all the bases are covered.

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