Danish fashion label Revolution likes to create clothing that is individual and accessible, whilst offering something that is completely brand new. When its two founders Christian Katballe and Palle Bruun Rasmussen met by chance in a bar in the early 1990s, they soon discovered that they shared a preference for laid back street wear that could be affordable and low maintenance. Thus, Revolution, or RVLT, was born, a brand that aimed to be different, by focusing on the needs of the customer. Revolution's approach to design is an organic blend of urban industrial and traditional, rustic Scandinavian styles. This relaxed, effortless style is signature of Revolution men's coats, which offer a naturally cool visual impact in a range of classic coat styles, including summer jackets and parkas.

Revolution men's coats - Danish apparel designed to be different

Revolution men's coats are a perfect balance of style and practicality, being light enough to wear as a fashion statement, yet engineered to provide a warm, protective layer. This superior range of Revolution men's coats has been created to enhance your wardrobe, with natural urban tones like petrol blue and olive that are versatile and masculine. Suitable for general outdoor wear throughout the seasons, Revolution men's coats feature useful details, including decorative buttons, handy zips and stylish integrated hoods. In fine or wet weather, this collection of Revolution men's coats is the perfect companion to walking trousers and a graphic t-shirt. Stay warm and dry, wrapped in a superior quality summer jacket or parka and enjoy the fresh air with this creative, modern range of outdoor clothing. If you have been inspired by Revolution, you can find more styling ideas in our online store at Zalando.co.uk.