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The best time to buy men’s winter coats

Is all the time. Whether it’s actually winter, you’re looking to cash in on off-season sales, or you’re someone who’s just cold all the time, a good men’s winter coat will keep you warm as well as looking fashionable. An iconic piece of menswear that’s never out of style, you can find a coat for every occasion, whether you need something more formal and warm, or lightweight and casual.

Picking the right winter coat is an investment for the years of cold seasons ahead. The right winter coat will provide you with the right amount of: warmth, waterproofing, comfort, style and convenience (think pockets, low weight).

In terms of waterproofing, coats with a durable water-repellent (DWR) coating will hold up well, but a GORE-TEX outer shell will provide superior performance in very wet conditions.

The right winter coat

Puffer jackets are traditionally filled with down, a material that’s much lighter than other insulation for the same warmth offered. Light puffer jackets are easily packable for travelling, or in case of unpredictable weather. Puffer jackets are a casual coat option, and the easiest to match with your outfit, from shirts to casual street wear. Puffers are also the right choice if you like coats in colours and brighter shades, as they will often show colour well without looking overly bold.

While a parka used to be associated with the mod subculture, it’s a very functional jacket for the weekend that anyone can pull off if they pick the right style. You can keep it simple and avoid additions like fur linings or hood trims, and go for black, navy, and rust shades. Parkas are great for deep cold winters, and they usually come with plenty of pockets and fastenings. When matching clothes with a parka, the thicker fabric and long silhouette pair well with a sturdy denim, knitwear, and leather boots rather than thin t-shirts and jeans.

Flight-style jackets, originally created for pilots, are bulky and a rugged statement piece for giving civilians some edge. You can balance the jacket’s weight by making the rest of your outfit slim-fit. Don’t go overboard with layering and keep it simple with plain trousers and a t-shirt or lighter knit.

Fitting winter coats for men

So, you’ve narrowed your selection down to a few of your favourites. The next step is to get the right fitting coat. If your winter coat is something to wear around town, the coat itself will likely provide the warmth you need, so aim for a tighter fit. However, if you’re heading out for an adventure in extreme cold weather or winter sports, keep in mind that you’ll need room for layering.

Taking into account the extra winter layers will let you get a real sense of how you'll really feel. Think of choosing the next size up and allow yourself enough room to move, but be conscious of not going so big that your coat looks as if it has been borrowed from someone larger.