Tom Singh founded New Look in Taunton in the 1960s, at the height of experimental UK fashion. The New Look brand brings fresh and exciting high street fashion to countries all over the world, from Germany to China. The pieces in our collection of New Look men's chinos come in a fantastic array of different colours. Choose some bold pastel hued trousers from this New Look men's chinos to make a statement at a party. Or, pick out a pair of New Look men's chinos in classic beige and wear them with all your favourite tops. Carefully made to give that iconic masculine look, all of the items in our New Look men's chinos collection will bring a stylish touch to your wardrobe.

Achieve instant elegance with a pair of New Look men's chinos

First developed in the nineteenth century as military garments, chinos are named after the light-weight but very strong style of cotton from which they were made. They soon caught on as a fashionable male garment, and these New Look men's chinos are a great example of how chino trousers can bring effortless chic to your look. Worn with a lightly patterned shirt and a pair of brogues, a pair of New Look men's chinos will give you that leisurely, gently formal look that is perfect for garden parties and other social occasions. These trousers can be worn with everything from trainers to blazers, and look superb when accessorised with a smart leather belt. Browse the range of New Look men's chinos available at Zalando and pick out a pair in your favourite colour for a versatile look this season.