white Men's Chinos

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Named after the extra strong 'chino' cotton from which they are made, chinos were originally made to keep soldiers warm during campaigns. Pale and white coloured chinos are part of the distinctive look of many male celebrities, for instance Jude Law and Michael Palin. Our collection of men's white chinos comprises trousers in all shades and tones of white. Whether you are looking for an arresting, brilliant white pair of chinos, or whether you want something subtler and more muted with hints of mushroom and beige, our men's white chinos range will keep you looking as stylish as can be every season.

Create a classic look with a pair of men's white chinos.

Chinos have long been favoured as a smarter and more elegant alternative to denim jeans. Your new pair of men's white chinos can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion. Worn with a chic polo shirt and some brogues a pair of men's white chinos from our range will form part of an understated yet sophisticated ensemble. Swap the polo shirt for a patterned formal shirt and a knitted tie on special occasions. All of the pieces in our selection of men's white chinos feature flattering cuts, and expertly tailored contours. Choose from tapering drainpipe style chinos or trousers that give you a slightly wider leg, depending on your taste. Handsome additional features, such as sleek and spacious pockets and attractive buttons complete the look of these superb and timelessly stylish trousers. These garments can also be accessorised to give them even more impact. Add a strong leather belt in glossy chocolate brown or bold black to your men's white chinos to complete the look.