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The ultimate in comfort with men’s sandals and watersports shoes

Get ready for the best day out when combining men’s sandals and watersports shoes with your favourite water-based activity. With an open-toed approach to your day, you can get that holiday feeling whilst being comfortable and free, but not without solid protection for your feet in check.

Whether you’re a lover of boating, beach hiking, wakeboarding or poolside chilling, find beach shoes that will keep your soles protected from chaffing, whilst you get complete freedom of movement.

Styles of beach shoes for every water sport

When looking for the best pair of shoes for your summer holiday, check out this vast collection of men’s sandals and water sports shoes and find footwear for every single day. With trendy variants that are perfect for day outings, as well as functional utilitarian pairs for sport, this selection of shoes offers it all.

Look for strappy sandals offering foot cover for sandy hikes and a quick-dry solution when wet. Sliders are the perfect shoe to take you from the pool to the boulevard, and flip-flops with added sole support work well for long walks as much as relaxing.

Function meets fashion with men’s sandals and water sports shoes

Your beach shoes won’t only serve you when on holiday. In warmer months, they offer the perfect solution for those day-to-day hangouts with friends at a barbecue, and when the temperature drops, they can be worn around the house as the perfect go-to footwear.

After a long day at the office walking or standing in restrictive shoes, your feet will be tired. Sandals, sliders and flip-flops make for the perfect house shoe for men seeking lower leg and foot relief. Sliders also offer a trendy solution for younger guys who understand the street cred this style offers when worn with ankle socks and long shorts.

Tough textiles for durable use

Your beach shoes will no doubt be made from durable textiles that offer a quick-dry solution. Rubber, canvas and synthetics make up the core of this collection and offer a water-friendly base to ensure shoes last, no matter how much use they get.

Whether you’re shopping for holiday footwear or want to add some casual comfort to your capsule shoe wardrobe, scroll through this diverse collection of men’s sandals and water sports shoes on Zalando and get your relaxing done right.