Men's Base Layer Shorts

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Sports in the winter months of the year can be bitterly cold and whilst putting on your kit a base layer can make all the difference. Men's base layer shorts are designed to be worn under shorts or trousers to provide that much needed extra layer of thermal instillation, helping your leg muscles stay warm as you play sport or work out. For any winter sports and skiing enthusiast a pair of men's base layer shorts are an essential piece of winter kit. The fabrics used for men's base layer shorts are developed to provide maximum warmth whilst also offering you optimal sportswear performance. The elastic qualities of the materials give men's base layer shorts the flexibility you need when playing sports. With a body-hugging fit men's inner layer shorts retain your body heat and work to keep your core temperate warm.

Men's base layer shorts, maintain heat and high performance.

Different lengths of men's base layer shorts can be purchased, fitting under any pair of shorts or trousers you wish to wear over them. Men's base layer shorts are also a practical winter garment for wearing under everyday clothes when the cold temperatures outside call for you to wrap up extra warm. To choose from a wide collection of men's base layer shorts check out our selection today at! We stock a range of men's first layer shorts in different fits and colours, all available with free delivery right to your door. If your new men's base layer shorts aren't completely right for you, you are welcome to return them to us within 100 days and of course at no extra cost! For more information on the men's base layer brands Zalando sell or our delivery guidelines, simply call the free hotline on 0203 059 8139, where your queries will be gladly answered by a member of the friendly Zalando customer service team. Men's base layer shorts, now available at!