Men's base layer briefs are designed with your warmth and sports performance in mind. Winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding require sports apparel that will prevent your body temperature from dipping. When hiking, mountain climbing or running in cold conditions, men's base layer briefs can be worn under your usual sports clothing to provide an extra layer to insulate your body. The fabrics used in the production of base layer briefs for men are developed especially to retain your body's heat and to be breathable. The elasticity of the fabrics used to make men's base layer briefs offers a perfect body-hugging fit, whilst also being flexible and unrestrictive to allow for optimal sports performance. Light weight men's base layer briefs are designed to be extremely comfortable and to stay in place. Men's base layer briefs are available in a broad choice of colours and designs from leading base layer brands.

Men's base layer briefs - warmth and comfort.

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