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Kappa is a highly successful sportswear brand with an international reputation, founded in Italy in 1967. The company supplies kits for dozens of sports teams the world over, while their comfortable, simple designs continue to appeal to many outside of the sporting world. Zalando's collection of articles by Kappa for men is diverse, and includes trainers, shorts, jackets, t-shirts and tracksuits. Their sports shoes and trainers come in a variety of styles which are typically pure in design, with an emphasis on comfort and versatility. This attitude is present in all Kappa for men products. The t-shirts and hoodies available here are easy to wear and emphasise a relaxed approach to personal style.

Sportswear with pure and simple style by Kappa men's fashion

This varied selection features all casual clothing and footwear, brilliantly suited to the active personality. These trainers and sandals are great in urban environments because they are light, comfortable and made from breathable materials. Try any of these Kappa for men trainers with jeans, hoodie, leather jacket and baseball cap for the quintessential street style look. Swap the jeans for a pair of tracksuit bottoms and remove the leather jacket for a hip-hop combination. These Kappa t-shirts are suitable all year round, but bear in mind that they tend to come in bright colours, so don't choose a brightly coloured shirt or jacket that clashes, unless that's the desired effect, of course. This carefully chosen selection of articles by Kappa men's fashion is available to browse at your convenience on the Zalando online shop.

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