Few underwear brands can rival the creativity, comfort and quality of HOM men's fashion. This popular brand of undergarments originated in Marseille and has since 1968 been credited with innovative design developments in underpants, shorts and swimming shorts. Basing its design principles on masculinity, style, independence and uniqueness, HOM for men provides reliable comfort and support in all its garments. HOM men's fashion offers a full complement of underwear and essentials in a wide selection of contemporary styles and fabric patterns, including pyjamas and sleepwear, briefs, thongs and shorts, plus vests and swimming shorts.

HOM men's fashion - specialist underwear designed with creative intelligence

If you are searching for exceptional comfort in your everyday wardrobe, you will appreciate Hom's commitment to creating superior garments that have been designed to last. By using soft jersey fabric that stretches with your body, Hom creates dependable apparel that has been especially tailored to mould to the shape of the male silhouette. HOM men's fashion is the culmination of decades of know how and experience in clothing production to provide the best results. Choose a selection of multicoloured boxers or briefs matched with a white vest or basic t-shirt to create a convenient base layer that is suitable for work or leisure time. HOM for men cleverly incorporates classic shades of white, black and navy into its garment designs so that your underwear works effortlessly with your professional or casual wardrobe. For more quality basics from the HOM for men browse through the Zalando online store.

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