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Stay cooler than cool with sunglasses by MCM

When the sun is shining, it's time to break out the shades. And when it comes to sunglasses, we don't settle for boring, and neither should you. If you want the glitz, the glamour and the hippest of the hip, then MCM is for you. The brand is synonymous with the luxury of the high life, so go with them to stay as cool as it gets.

Women, see the wide, wondrous world through stylish new lenses

Ladies, breathe new life into all of your outdoor looks with the right pair of sunglasses. MCM has an abundance of different frames to choose from. Everyone can find the right pair for them here – we know we have. Butterfly frames are all about glamour, with the elongated wing shapes instantly evoking the elegance of European icons. We particularly adore a printed frame, showing off the heritage and prestige of the brand.

For something a little less flashy, how about a retro square frame? They're the classics for a reason, after all. They look good on all different kinds of face shapes, and they suit both solid black and gradient patterns equally. Round lenses create a softer profile, so consider them too, if that's what your outfit calls for.

Lastly, but certainly not least, are cat-eye frames. Slinky, slender and appealing, they help you maintain a mystique in your ensemble. When pairing with jewellery, you can match the colours of the frames to your earrings to create a coordinated look.

Founded by Michael Cromer in Munich, Germany in the '70s, MCM quickly became one of the most desirable luxury fashion brands on the planet. Known for its flashiness and glamorous pieces, the company operates worldwide to this day and is now based out of South Korea.

Men, make the most of the marvellous months of sunshine

MCM is full of original ideas, but you don't need to reinvent the wheel to turn heads. We recommend the all-time icons: aviators. There's nothing that says cool like these classic shades. They go with any outfit you can dream up, too, so just getting the one pair will set you up nicely.

Retro square frames convey an acute awareness of style trends. If you want to show off the providence of your piece, go with a logo-stamped pattern on the frames, or if you prefer something a little less brash and a little more old-school, try a marl print. Or choose black if you want the branding to take a back seat to the design.

MCM's logo is the iconic combination of a laurel, a diamond and of course the letters that make up its name. Many of the brand's products, particularly in its heritage ranges, sport this insignia on a brass plate. Each plate has a unique number and acts as a seal of legitimacy and quality.

More than just screening your eyes from the sun, it's a way of life

When you see the MCM insignia, you know that whoever's wearing it knows their stuff. You'd be hard pushed to find better-looking pieces on the market or pieces with a better pedigree. It's a badge of class, but also one of quality. All of their lenses have UV protection, maintaining the health of your eyes and skin in the face of the weathering sun. 

You can choose between different degrees of tint to suit your needs. What's more, the sunglasses come with a hard case, so you know that they are completely safe while you're not wearing them.