Calling all tech gurus: Master & Dynamic has a range of headphones to satisfy your itch. Not only do these designs sound great, they look mega sleek too. Choose from neutral shades to accessorise that outfit.

Master & Dynamic: over ear styles

Take your pick from Master & Dynamic over-ear headphones. Wireless styles make commutes and longer journeys comfortable - forget about tangled and trailing wires and connect your device via Bluetooth. These designs offer improved noise cancellation, making them ideal if you’re travelling or working a noisy environment. The ear-covering design helps to block out any unwanted noise so you can focus on the music. Choose a monochrome style with metallic features to offset your smarter work outfits. Leather pieces by Master & Dynamic in neutral colours are a little more laid-back - ideal for those jeans-and-a-T-shirt days.

Master & Dynamic: on-ear styles

Stay comfortable with on-ear headphones by Master & Dynamic. Choose between wireless designs, or styles with long wires if you’re plugged into the computer. The on-ear style gives the benefit of not blocking as much noise as over-ear models, meaning you can still stay alert in the office or whilst listening out for your train to be announced. The padded leather top bar means they’re comfortable for long periods of wear, so you can slip them down and wear them around your neck (or pop them into your sports bag).

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